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Transboundary Pollution – Basics of International Law

Introduction International Environmental Law has seen a tremendous increase in scope ever since its recognition in the 1960s through Rachel Carson’s book, the Silent Spring. Since then, the law has evolved from an anthropocentric approachContinue reading


Security & Human Rights: Complementary or Mutually Re-inforcing?

I. Introduction: In 2016, Switzerland was stuck between a rock and a hard place. It had to choose between complying with a binding UN Security Council Resolution which was a security measure against terrorism orContinue reading


Do we really need Jus Cogens?

International law is governed by several principles which influence its applications. One of those principles is the principle of jus cogens. Jus cogens, or Peremptory Norms as they are also referred to, are considered anContinue reading

Legalese, Politically Correct

Sustained (Infrastructure) Development Goals

Where does the Aarey deforestation stand in the larger scheme of things? Chain of Events On October 4, the High Court of the Indian state of Maharashtra dismissed a petition filed by non-governmental organisations andContinue reading