A Picture of a bomb dropped in Syria with the words The World was Silent When We Died written on it.

The World Was Silent When We Died

A Picture of a bomb dropped in Syria with the words The World was Silent When We Died written on it.

Syria has always had a condition of political instability around it. But the civil war born out of the Arab Spring of 2011 has catapulted the country into total abyss. There are many statistics which speaks about the Syrian refugees, the crisis, the war and other gory details that are a part of this ongoing struggle.

Not only does this war concern us as one of the worst instances of humanitarian crises in modern times, but also because it has affected other countries. Real time news of the atrocities inflicted in Syria reaches us everyday due to globalisation. This war also has had a spill over effect with regard to other nations due to refugees seeking asylum or through the global threats because of ISIS.

With everyday bringing in different news about the happenings in Syria, it gets difficult to keep up with the situation. This series will be keeping a tab on the Syrian crisis as and when it happens. It will also give insights on the history and start of the Syrian war.

Article Series

I have named this series “The World Was Silent When We Died”. This phrase is used by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in her book. The novel Half of a Yellow Sun which talks about the Biafran War. In the Biafran war, people suffered untold pain as not many came forward to help them. The turmoil in Syria too is becoming extremely unbearable day-by-day, just like in Biafran war.The haunting words of Adichie, I feel, will be able to best describe the article-series I want to write on Syria.

What we can do as conscientious global citizens isstay aware and know the plight of the people. Knowledge evokes empathy and knowing what they are suffering may push us to contribute in any small way possible. The easiest way to do something is to know about this war, and remember the reasons for it.

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