Do we really need Jus Cogens?

International law is governed by several principles which influence its applications. One of those principles is the principle of jus cogens. Jus cogens, or Peremptory Norms as they are also referred to, are considered anContinue reading

Legalese, Politically Correct

Sustained (Infrastructure) Development Goals

Where does the Aarey deforestation stand in the larger scheme of things? Chain of Events On October 4, the High Court of the Indian state of Maharashtra dismissed a petition filed by non-governmental organisations andContinue reading


Migration (or) How putting up walls does not make sense

Migration has been a key issue in international law. The Syrian crisis has only catalyzed the influx of migrants. With that being the reality, it is necessary that certain policy changes are made at theContinue reading


The Khashoggi Affair

What international law can tell us. Jay Sanklecha The global outrage following the death and likely murder of the former Washington post journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate building in Istanbul by Saudi agents,Continue reading