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Politically Correct

Trade Wars: What’s Happening Now?

Recently, UKTPO along with Centre for Trade and Economic Relations conducted a seminar on the trade policies implemented by US, especially under the Trump administration. Since we have already discussed the issues with this TradeContinue reading

Politically Correct

Israel: Only a Nation State for Jewish People?

The Israel Palestine issue has been a long drawn out one. It covers aspects such as land rights, borders, recognition of the different factions, control of Jerusalem among others. “Discriminatory laws” that are being putContinue reading

Legalese, Politically Correct

The World Was Silent When We Died

Syria has always had a condition of political instability around it. But the civil war born out of the Arab Spring of 2011 has catapulted the country into total abyss. There are many statistics whichContinue reading